Provolo wines, since 1927

Producing wine:
a vocation we have been following for three generations

Since 1927 my family has been working this ground and producing wine.
Our vineyards and our home are located in the middle of Mezzane’s hill valley, a small town a few kilometres east from Verona, town which has been able to keep its country identity untouched. The land surrounding Verona – city with a millenary history – is composed of soft declines, that little by little give way to the northern Alps and to the magnificent western lake of Garda. This very special combination of geographical location and microclimate has always supported the historical, artistic and productive development.
The oenologic vocation of these lands has been famous since Roman age; from that far to nowadays, the intricate mosaic of vineyards composing the landscape did not stop to enchant travellers and to give extraordinary wines to the palates, like the well-known Amarone.

For three generations, day after day, harvest after harvest, we have been learning to know vine and its delicate balance inside the environment. From father to son never forcing the pace and the nature, we learnt to look after of our work on the ground and in the cellar with care and attention.
We saw the birth and the growth of our wines, and together with them, the consciousness was born and grew that the right balance among complexity, structure and longevity is a quality that well overcomes numbers.

Sharing a glass of wine is the first and most ancient gesture of host of our peasant culture, for that reason the doors of our cellar will always be open if you want to feel the seriousness and the passion of our work.

Marco Provolo