Amarone della Valpolicella vintage 2011 by Marco Provolo


Ladies and Gentlemen here is his majesty theAmarone della Valpolicella vintage 2011. Historic Collector’s Vintage. Magnificent wine resting for more than 13 years. Rare bottle that encapsulates the most complete expression of our territory.

Amarone della Valpolicella vintage 2011 by Marco Provolo

Knowledge and poetry of a unique and enchanting territory in one wine. A true work of oenological art, Cantina Provolo’s Amarone della Valpolicella wine embodies the elegance and complexity of the terroir from which it comes at 360°; from the very first glance, its deep ruby hue captures the attention, promising anunforgettable sensory experience. Majestically complex, balanced and harmonious; on the nose, the enveloping scent of ripe fruits, such as plums and cherries, mingles with spicy and sensual notes of vanilla and chocolate, creating an irresistible bouquet that anticipates the richness of the taste. What makes this wine unique is its ability to evolve over time. Over the years, its flavors are enriched and deepened, providing a new and fascinating experience with each sip.

Harvest 2011

An average difficult vintage due to unstable weather conditions and so quite challenging harvest, but one that yielded extraordinary wines like this wonderful Amarone della Valpolicella 2011 from Cantina Provolo. Definitely the most complete and balanced expression of great Veronese viticulture. The spring was quite cool and wet, with heavy rains that affected grape development early on, creating ideal conditions for early budding. The summer was hot and dry, with high temperatures during the day and cool nights that favored the development of aromas in the grapes.

Wine color

The color is ruby red that tends to garnet as it ages, but dense with vivid luminosity despite aging.


The richness of nuance that can be captured in the tasting of such an elixir makes it unnecessary to pair it with dishes. Absolute protagonist when served, fantastic meditation wine worthy of taking its place at the close of an important dinner.
A wine that gives an unforgettable emotion.

Alcohol content

16% Vol. of alcoholic degree


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