Havana Cardboard Box_2 Bottles


Match your wine bottles with packaging featuring a refined and elegant design, marked Cantina Provolo; such as this Havana-colored cardboard bottle holder box, with window and carrying handle. Easy to assemble and really beautiful in appearance. Ideal to bring to any occasion, whether it is a dinner invitation, a birthday gift or a thank-you thought. The texture of the box is smooth and Havana-colored similar to the light hazelnut color typical of Cuban cigars, and the winery’s logo is in the center with a shiny gold color.

Havana cardboard box, unique custom bottle holder Cantina Provolo

  • CAPACITY: 2 Bottles
  • COLOR: Havana_light hazelnut
  • TEXTURE: Silk Effect
  • GRAPHIC: Cantina Provolo logo in shiny gold foil.