Our philosophy

organic, a real lifestyle
Provolo, wines since 1927
Our company’s philosophy, very careful to quality of production, has a green approach focused on environmental and energy sustainability.
This care and attention begins in the vineyards, and goes on in the cellar and in the choice and use of raw materials.

Organic in the vineyard

The vineyards are conducted organically, which consists in the optimization of resources from a nutritional point of view and reduced and intelligent interventions.
The grassing between the rows planted according to the altitude lines counteracts the erosion of the nutrients in the soil, which are made easily available for the vines by the abundant quantity of organic substance present in it, kept such by organic fertilizations and by the compost produced with pruning residues.
The control of the health of the vine, takes place with the management of the branching during pruning operations, with precise cuts in compliance with the lymphatic flows.

The lands that host the Provolo vineyards are managed with the utmost respect for the environment and biodiversity

The defence from the main pathogens, takes place with biocontrol, in the hedges placed on the edges of the vineyards, there is an important basin of useful insects: predators and parasitoids.
Against diseases of fungal origin we work on prevention and timeliness depending on the weather, with foodgrade plant-derived products such as vegetable oils and algae extracts.

Healthy grapes lead to a healthy wine that requires less sulphites for storage.

organic in the winery

Attention that goes on in the cellar, where the modern cleaning methods, thanks to the use of high temperature steam and high concentration ozone, make it possible to significantly reduce the use of detergents and chemical sanitizers and also the quantity of water to cleanse and rinse.
The management of the company-owned forests act as a green lung and contribute to the absorption of the CO2 produced during the production phases.

organic in marketing

As regards the packaging, we are very careful in choosing our suppliers and raw materials.

  • We mostly use light bottles that have a low energy impact for their production and transport;
  • The completely natural, reusable and recyclable corks we use, are produced benefiting the planet: reducing greenhouse gases and capturing more CO2 than emitted.
  • We only use aluminium caps, which are recyclable.
  • The aluminium screw caps, used partially on young wines, are entirely recyclable and their production uses much less water than the cork industry consumes.
  • The paper-based materials used, are produced from raw material, entirely recyclable or recycled and FSC or PEFC certified.
  • The silicone paper supports of the adhesive labels are disposed of separately, in fact we participate in the RafCycle project, which allows the separation of silicones from the paper to produce paper again.
  • Even our wooden barrels come from forests managed in a correct and eco-sustainable way, both from an ecological point of view and from an economic and social point of view.

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