Amarone della Valpolicella vintage 2012 by Marco Provolo


Ladies and Gentlemen here is his majesty theAmarone della Valpolicella vintage 2012. Historic Collector’s Vintage. Magnificent wine resting for more than 12 years. Rare bottle that encapsulates the most complete expression of our territory.

Amarone della Valpolicella vintage 2012 by Marco Provolo

L’Amarone della Valpolicella di Cantina Provolo 2012 è molto più di un semplice vino. It is a sensory experience that captures the soul of the land from which it originates, transforming it into a gustatory work of art that will leave you speechless! This wine embodies the majesty and exuberance of Valpolicella in every nuance with its impressive structure and aromatic complexity that completely envelop you after just one sip. Full and velvety, with firm but harmonious tannins that give the palate a deeply satisfying sensation. Its flavor is rich and lingering, enriched by a note of warmth due to the high alcohol content, while the aroma is intense of ripe fruits, such as juicy plums and succulent cherries, blends harmoniously with the spicy and sensual notes of vanilla and chocolate, creating an irresistible bouquet that anticipates the richness of the taste.

Harvest 2012

The2012 vintage was relatively positive, characterized by a not very cold winter with little rainfall, which led to an earlier than usual sprouting; the vegetative trend was then slowed down by a return of cold weather during the spring months, but in spite of this, grape and wine yields were substantial and of excellent quality.

Wine color

The color is ruby red that tends to garnet as it ages, but dense with vivid luminosity despite aging.


The wealth of nuances that can be grasped when tasting such an elixir makes it unnecessary to pair it with dishes. Absolute protagonist when served, fantastic meditation wine worthy of taking its place at the close of an important dinner.
A wine that gives an unforgettable emotion.

Alcohol content

16.5% Vol. of alcoholic degree


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