Amarone della Valpolicella vintage 2008 by Marco Provolo


Ladies and Gentlemen here is his majesty theAmarone della Valpolicella vintage 2008. Historic Collector’s Vintage.
Magnificent wine resting for more than 16 years.

Alcohol content: 16.5%.

2008 vintage : A vintage characterized by unusual and varied weather conditions. A winter with milder than usual temperatures with average rainfall of only rain; spring was characterized by a very high amount of rainfall, which promoted good vine growth but also brought some challenges related to fungal disease management. However, summer has been more moderate, with temperatures in the normal range and less frequent rainfall than in spring.
This variation in climatic conditions affected the vegetative cycle of the vines, accelerating the budding and ripening of the grapes, thus leading to earlier harvesting than in previous years and grapes of excellent quality.

Amarone della Valpolicella vintage 2008 by Marco Provolo

A wine that gives a unique experience of pure pleasure. It elegantly blends power and sophistication, mixing intense dark fruits and cherries in spirit with sweet herbaceous and spicy accents, creating an irresistible appeal from start to finish. A riot of scents that mixes a dry, harmonious flavor with a tactile sensation that feels soft and velvety in the mouth.

The color is ruby red that tends to garnet as it ages, but dense with vivid luminosity despite aging.

The wealth of nuances that can be grasped when tasting such an elixir makes it unnecessary to pair it with dishes. Absolute protagonist when served, fantastic meditation wine worthy of taking its place at the close of an important dinner.
A wine that gives an unforgettable emotion.

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